The book I am reading know is called Amulet. Amulet is a story about a magical stonekeeper called Emily and she is only 12. In this sequel Emily her brother Navin Mum and friends travel to find Cielis the floating city ( A fallen city where Terrible secrets are revealed)






First Ella t and I went to supatramp and went on the trampolines. Then my mum dad and I drove to Melbourne and we met up with my uncle and aunt who also had the weekend away and we had dinner. After dinner mum dad and I went to see Melbourne victory play against Perth glory but they drew. After the game we went to see the fireworks display at the Moomba festival and then we on the bungee trampolines. Then we went to bed. In the morning we had breakfast then walked my mum down the street to see her friend while dad and I went to King pin glow bowling. After dad won two times at bowling we went to galactic circus arcade. After a couple of games I won 312 tickets and exchanged them for a Minecraft keepsake. On the Monday I went to supatramp again and went rockclimbing. And that was cool.image



A story I wrote

Chronos revenge
One stormy day in Olympus Zues was looking down at camp half blood to see how half bloods was doing. But something wasn’t right, EVERYONE WAS RUNNING AWAY! Zues tried to see what was going on until a huge puff of smoke blinded everyone. Out of no where a huge mythical creature called the gryphon started to attack camp half blood! Zues threw lightning bolts at it but it flew up to Olympus and destroyed it by using a sonic boom attack. The gods using their powers tried to defeat it, Athena tried to punch it but it scratched her, Persidon washed it away but it stayed there and Halo summoned a dragon to defeat it but the dragon destroyed Olympus as well.

Chapter 2 the great fall
The gods wondered who could have done this but the person/Titan came to tell them. ” I Chronos has defeated Olympus and I shall take over the 3 worlds!”. Chronos threw the gods to the ground and said ” Eat on that losers! Wait no no no come on Chronos you can do better uumm. I know you just got… Taken down to the ground! Yeah that’s good” and Chronos fell away.

Chapter 3 Who’s that?
Chiron came over to see what the fuss was about. But when he saw that Zues, Athena, Halo, Persidon and the other gods down on earth he was shocked!” What are you doing here?” Asked Chiron. “Well it’s not important. Let us just shrink down. There we go!” Lucky for them Percy, Anebeth, Grover and Tyson came back from saving klarice from the underworld. ” What happened!” Asked Percy. While Percy spoke Anebeth yelled. “MUM!”. Then Percy and Tyson yelled. “DAD!”. Zues said lets go find Hedes he’ll know what to do plus he’s my brother. “But we just came back from there”whined Tyson.

To be continued

Literacy words

Hi guys today I will post my spelling words and they are:











So those are my spelling words




In maths I have a completed running a prime number Worksop and completed my success criteria.
I did not attend a workshop because I ran a workshop.
I have learnt how to find a prime number and that a prime number is a number that can only be multiplied by itself and one.
My goal for next week is to practice my multiplication.
I will complete my goal by writing down my times table.

Cyber Safety‼️

Today I learnt a lot about being aware on social media. On social media you should never:

.Give out personal information

.start sexting

.Friend people you don’t know

if someone you don’t know someone on social media and they act weird tell a trustworthy adult.